Is Cody Simpson Dating?

According to WikiAnswers…
Cody Simpson is dating Caitlin Beadles who is the EX-girlfriend of Justin Bieber.  Justin and Caitlin are only good friends but nothing more.  While on tour with Justin, I asked how does he feel that Cody and Caitlin dating and he answered this “Well, honestly I’m very happy for both of them.  I mean Caitlin and I were done along time ago and I hope it works out between them because Codys a great guy and he’s also on tour like I am.  But I’m very happy for both of them 🙂 and I’m in love with Kim Kardashian but she’s like 14 years older…  lmao… Caity and Cody for 3 years apart so lucky they can be together until Kim and I but maybe her littler half sister Kendall Jenner .. maybe I’ll dtae her, I know she likes me.  And i also like Beyonce!”  Caitlin Beadles does have a facebook account and a twitter account.  You can friend or follow her, same with Cody.  But there trying to deny there dating because Caitlin’s 16 and Codys only 14.

43 responses to “Is Cody Simpson Dating?

  1. Please tell me its not so. Cody, if your reading this please know that Caitlin is a bad girl. Just a few months ago she was still drooling over Justin. She used him for fame and will now do the same to you. Please listen to me because I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU.

  2. cody simpson i just wanted to tell you that i think your so cute and hot and i just wish that i could see you in real life. i also love your music and if your with caitlyn i wish you guys the best of the best

  3. Cody I just excidentely met you on Youtube. And I really like you. Im from Czech Republic. Hope you know that country. IM 13. and I would really want to see you here singing!!! PLEASE!!

  4. Really people does it really matter it’s his life and i know you guy’s are worried for him but you don’t need to be because he’s just fine you don’t need to be arguing on here! If it’s true that Cody is dating Caity then i wish the best for both of them! (:

    • You know, you’re right. I love Cody, but whatever happens, happens.. if he gets his heart broken, ther’s like millions of others that would absolutely love to have him. I would hate to see him get hurt, but that’s how things work in this world…. And all the haters shouldn’t be on here for one thing. 🙂

    • ur sooo right i think people should know they have no chance with him (unless u have known him in person) and not at a concert ❤ justa saying

  5. i think there the worst couple ever they should not go out if so jelous hes so fricen sexi want to go out with him

  6. i just wanted to say that you are unbeliveabley talented and i would risk my life just to see you in person 🙂 your one of the people who are never at the back of my mind. i just wish someday you could sing to me <333 no matter who you date you are incredable and cute :))
    LOVE <3————-
    nicole, your lover <333

  7. That awkward moment when Caitlin Beadles is dating Cameron Palatas. The only reason Cody has ever met Caitlin is because Alli and Christian used to date..

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